Dancing smoke

For this piece I was inspired by this video of a girl who’s got her hair lift up by the basses of a subwoofer. I was amazed by both the beauty and the simplicity of what was happening. Hairs are so light they can float in the air just by being left up by soundwaves, and they behave just like they would in water.

The movements are so interesting I had to try and replicate that in 3D. So I opened up my main man Houdini and started messing around until I had a proper looking result. The process is quite simple (as it is in the example I had), one kick means one pulse of turbulence. Unfortunately I could’nt make it procedural without the source file of the kick alone. I also added some lights that goes through the smoke and a curvedforce to illustrate the wobble.

Here’s the result :

Music used : Tenkah – NININI