First, a breakdown

For this project I was in charge of modeling, animating and simulating most of what would later be lit, rendered and composited by the rest of the team at Zorba’s Moon Studio.

Here are some of the flipbooks I took.

Cytokine disappearing

It was a huge challenge for me since it involved some processes I had little experience with like UVs, vellum or diffusion.

First draft of the swirl movement

A lot of the things we were asked to display were chain reactions. From the understanding of the medical names of each molecules to the order in which all of it was supposed to happen, it was bit of a head scratcher.

Biofilm dissolving

This was definitely one of the biggest file I’ve ever worked with. A lot of things would depend on each other so being organised really was a key to success here. Since the lookdev and rendering was done in Maya, I also had to export every geometry I generated and had to keep track of the attributes they needed.

Showing off my UVs

A lot of things changed along the way, and that’s where Houdini’s adaptability came in handy. It took me quite some time to get some shots ready, but once everything was sat up, all I had to do was a couple clicks to get a completely different behavior.

Presenting the cream’s active molecules

By being handled a hip file from an experienced Houdini Artist colleague, I also learned a lot. Vincent if you read this, thank you so much for taking the time to walk me through your work.

Sebum disappearing (really love this motion)