Zagreb Building

This is how I named this project because this is where my inspiration came from. I was visiting Croatia in 2017 and I was amazed by some of the building I saw in Zagreb. So I took some photos and kept them with me.

Look at this beautiful random seeding
Wider point of view

From these references I build it procedurally.

Everything is can be modified, and I can create as many different instance as needed.
From this point I had a lot to learn : constraints, emiting particles from a RBD destruction, sourcing smoke from these particles, intancing, disturbing smoke, particle simulation, rendering different passes and way more.

This is the main shot I ended up with (sound included)

IMPORTANT NOTE : This is the refined version, it is different from the one you’ll see on the turn-around or breakdown.

Facts about this project :

– the building is made from 55,000 pieces
– the smoke sim is made of 29 millions voxels
– the particle explosion is made of 11 millions particles
– the final .hip file (version 51) weights 12Mo
– the whole project folder is 298Go, for a total of 68,000 files

Turn around

Full video with breakdown at the end